A Quirky Detail in William and Kate’s Newly Released Wedding Photo: Did William Wear Different Clothes on the Wedding Day?

HHT – Prince William and Princess Kate recently posted an old – but never before published – wedding photo on the occasion of their 13th wedding anniversary. Netizens quickly noticed a detail: In the newly posted wedding photo, Prince William is wearing a different outfit than the one he wore on his wedding day in 2011, while Kate is still wearing the same wedding dress.

Prince William and Princess Kate (Prince and Princess of Wales) marked their 13th wedding anniversary by posting a never-before-published wedding photo. Many people sent their congratulations, but some netizens realized one thing: In this image, Prince William’s outfit is not the same as the outfit he wore on his wedding day in 2011, while Kate Still wearing the same wedding dress as at the wedding ceremony.

Could there be some confusion here? Is the newly posted photo really a photo of William – Kate’s wedding day?

According to Mr. Christopher Andersen, a Royal research expert, in a conversation with US Magazine , William and Kate considered the image they just posted and that the photo has a special meaning, not a mistake at all. .

During the wedding, it was true that William wore the red and black uniform of Colonel of the Irish Guards – a title given to him by Queen Elizabeth II. But in the newly released black and white wedding photo, William wears the uniform of the Blues and Royals, a regiment of the Royal British Cavalry – the oldest and most senior cavalry corps in the British Army. This shows that it is now not William who wears the outfit of Colonel of the Irish Guards, but Kate, because in 2022, King Charles made a change, so that Kate took that title of her husband.

Brothers William – Harry in Blues and Royals uniform. Photo: Getty.

On his wedding day, William mainly wore red and black outfits. But there was also a time when he changed to the Blues and Royals uniform, only those images were less published.

On the wedding day, William sometimes wore the Blues and Royals uniform, but not as much as the red and black outfit, so few people noticed. Photo: Getty.

Thus, the newly posted image shows the respect that William has for his wife and her title, as well as the couple’s sophistication in not being able to take a new image yet.

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