Britney Spears Leaves Hotel Disheveled After ‘Altercation with Boyfriend

Singer Britney Spears wore pajamas, hugged a blanket, and walked barefoot to leave a hotel in Los Angeles in the middle of the night after reportedly arguing with her boyfriend.

According to TMZ , Britney and Paul Soliz – the former butler who recently frequently went out with singer Toxic – arrived at the Chateau Marmont hotel late Wednesday night. Sources say that while in the room, the two had a heated argument, which then turned into a fight, causing Britney to injure her leg.

Britney was said to have screamed and lost control in the room. Some guests thought she was having a mental breakdown so they called medical staff.

Britney hugged her pillow and wrapped herself in a blanket as she left the hotel after medical staff were called over concerns for her health. Photo: Backgrid

Officers arrived at about 1:40 a.m. Thursday morning. At that time, Britney walked out of the hotel with pillows and blankets wrapped around her, her outfit and hair in tatters. She was said to have cried. However, Britney did not get in the ambulance but left with her bodyguards, Paul Soliz did not return with her. Medical staff were seen carrying a stretcher and leaving.

Page Six also reported that Britney had an argument with her boyfriend in the hotel. A representative of the Los Angeles Police Department shared with this news site: “We received a 911 call reporting an injured woman. The caller did not have much information about the condition of the injury. We dispatched an ambulance to that location”.

Ambulance arrived at the hotel. Photo: Backgrid

Britney later returned home safely and in stable condition, the source said. She lives in Thousand Oaks, California, not far from the hotel.

A few hours later, Britney Spears took to Instagram to deny rumors that she and her boyfriend were fighting in the hotel. The 42-year-old singer wrote: “Just to let everyone know the news is fake! Last night I twisted my ankle and the medical staff came to my door illegally. They didn’t enter the room but I felt completely harassed”.

Britney Spears – who just finalized her divorce from actor Sam Asghari this week – has been seen meeting Paul Soliz several times in the past few days. She started getting close to Paul Soliz since her marriage broke down last summer. However, many people are worried about Britney because Paul Soliz has a scandalous past and was once in prison.

According to Page Six , Paul used to work as a maid at Britney’s mansion in Thousand Oaks, California, specializing in cleaning toilets, mopping floors and collecting trash. In court documents, Paul was charged with multiple serious crimes, including possession of drugs for sale and possession of a gun in December 2020 while he was still working for Britney. Misdemeanors include disorderly conduct, child endangerment and driving without a license. Paul appeared in court last September for violating his probation. Insiders say that Britney ‘s security team did not do a thorough background check when hiring Paul. When Paul’s past was revealed, he was fired from his job. After that, Britney resumed contact with Paul, often going out with him.

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