BUSTED: Ne-Yo Was Clapping Diddy | Ne-Yo BM Releases Exclusive Footage

So it looks like the rumors about Ne-Yo being DL are true after all because his baby mama, Sade Bagnerise just put him on blast and exposed him for attending Diddy’s freak-off parties.

Sade spilled the tea while going off on Neyo for putting his hands on her and being a deadbeat father. Sade claims Neyo has been secretly getting his cheeks clapped at these parties and that he sometimes organizes freak-off parties in his house while his kids are around.

Apparently, the only reason why Ne-Yo is always showing off his multiple girlfriends is because he doesn’t want anyone to suspect him of being gay.

Not only has he been sleeping with these men but word on the street is that he has clapped Diddy’s cheeks a bunch of times and the evidence is on tape.

Watch the video below for details:

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