“Close Friend Say ‘William and Kate Are Going Through Hellish Times'”

According to the Welsh family’s confidant, Amaia Arrieta, the family is going through dark days after Kate contracted cancer.

Amaia has been the stylist for the three children of the Prince and Princess of Wales since the time Prince George was little. Recently, she shared worrying news about the Welsh family after Kate was diagnosed with cancer. Amaia said: “Right now, I’m very heartbroken. I think they are going through hell. I hope they will get over it soon and return to the way they were before. This is my personal opinion.”

The fashion designer who owns the brand of the same name then refrained from revealing any more information about the current William – Kate.

It’s unclear what happened that prompted Amaia to speak out while Kate continued to receive chemotherapy. However, her statement is said to imply the severity of Kate’s illness.

Back in the interview, Amaia revealed her feelings as a stylist for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. “Preparing outfits for royal family members always gives me a lot of pride. I really want to beautify them,” Amaia told the Telegraph .

Amaia said she and nanny Maria Borrallo worked closely together to choose clothes for the child royal trio. “Time is often very limited. We both vow to work hard so that the children always look great,” the designer said.

Princess Charlotte wore an Amaia London dress in a Mother’s Day family photo in March. Most recently, Prince Louis also wore an Amaia shirt in his 6th birthday portrait published on April 23.

One month earlier, on March 22, Kate shocked the world when she announced she had cancer . According to the NY Post , Kate chose to understate and be as gentle as possible with Louis about her illness. However, the conversation with George and Charlotte is much more difficult because they are all grown up and can understand the danger of cancer.

During the time the Princess of Wales was being treated, her husband, Prince William, always accompanied and took care of his wife. William has canceled many royal engagements to be with Kate in the past few months. In addition, Kate’s parents , Mr. and Mrs. Carole and Michael Middleton, also enthusiastically help their children.

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