Duchess Kate and Prince William Are “Going Through Hell”

Arrieta, who worked as a stylist for Princess Kate and Prince William’s three children, recently shared worrying information about the couple more than a month after Kate was diagnosed with cancer.

“I’m heartbroken right now, I think they’re going through hell. I hope they come back. but that’s their private matter.” – Arrieta told the Telegraph and refused to reveal any information about the Welsh couple.

While it’s unclear what prompted her to share the update while Kate is focused on undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, Arrieta’s comments may show how serious this issue is for the royal family and cause trouble. makes many fans feel worried.

Previously on March 22, Princess Kate (42 years old) made an announcement saying she was diagnosed with cancer after abdominal surgery and is currently receiving preventive chemotherapy. Notably, Kate is not the only royal member facing health problems, as King Charles (75 years old) also publicly told the media about his cancer diagnosis in February. In addition, Sarah Ferguson – Duchess of York, also announced that she is also fighting malignant skin cancer.

Since making the announcement, Prince William has decided to put aside royal duties and focus on spending time with his wife and children over Easter and has only recently returned to royal duties. joined recently. Meanwhile, Kate’s parents Michael Middleton and Carole Middleton are also by their side to support their grandchildren during this difficult time.

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