Ellen DeGeneres Exposes Diddy’s Affair With Twitch | Diddy Unalived Twitch?

You know Ellen’s like the Oprah of the talk show world, right? She’s rubbed elbows with every A-lister you can think of, including Mr. Puff Daddy himself. And we’re not talking a casual run-in here and there. No, Diddy practically had a VIP seat on Ellen’s couch, making appearances left and right.

But here’s where things take a spicy turn. Turns out, Ellen wasn’t just sipping tea with Diddy; she was getting down at his infamous freak-0ff parties. But now that’s raised even more suspicion on what else these two were doing together. If Ellen was at those parties, she must have seen some messed up stuff, and there’s word going around about an alleged Diddy and Twitch affair. And there’s definitely a pattern there, cause why do so many people around him meet the same end? Twitch di3d, and Diddy and Ellen might have something to do with it. Well, now there’s chatter that he might’ve known a little too much about Ellen and Diddy’s shenanigans and that’s why he got silenced for it.

Sooo, it seems like everyone’s caught in the whirlwind of Diddy’s drama these days, and Ellen’s name just got tossed right into the mix.

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