Gordon Ramsay admits his fortune is definitely not going to his kids

Surely a big perk of being a nepo baby is that you’re parents are probably loaded?

That’s a big part of it, the whole rich kids because their mum or dad are rich thing. And obviously, there’s the assumption that when the old folks do sadly pass away, their kids will instantly inherit their fortunes, becoming even richer.

Except Gordon Ramsay has admitted his cash is ‘definitely not’ going to his kids.

The celebrity chef shares six kids with wife Tana: Megan, 25, Holly, 24, Jack, 24, Tilly, 22, Oscar, five, and baby Jesse, born in 2023.

A household name, Ramsay has a string of restaurants around the world and hit TV series such as Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.

The 57-year-old dad has unsurprisingly racked up quite the net worth, estimated to be around £174.8million ($220m). But despite his mega wealth, he says he’s never been ‘turned on by the money’ and doesn’t want his kids to be either.

Speaking to the Telegraph back in 2017, Ramsay revealed he had no plans to pass on his impressive mounting wealth to his children if they haven’t earned it – and he has a very good reason.

“It’s definitely not going to them, and that’s not in a mean way, it’s to not spoil them,” he explained, before the birth of sixth kid Jesse.

“The only thing I’ve agreed with Tana is that they get a 25 percent deposit on a flat, but not the whole flat.”

Intent on making sure his children appreciate the value of a quid, the TV chef says he chooses not to spoil them by letting them travel in first class too.

“I have got to keep it real with the kids, and also I think just getting kids at the age of five, six and seven, used to first class and those big seats, they do not need the space, they get entertainment on their iPads,” he continued.

“So, I like to think about what you can do with the money when you land, rather than paying out thousands of dollars for eight, nine or ten-year-olds to sit in first class.

“I do not want them sat there with a 10-course f***ing menu with champagne. I am not embarrassed. It is my wife and I’s choice to discipline them and to keep them real.”

A few years later, Ramsay doubled down on these beliefs during a Q&A on Reddit, where he revealed he has prioritised instilling a work ethic in his children, so they’ll understand the importance of earning their own way in life.

“I’ve never been at home seven nights a week cooking for the kids. What I’ve instilled in the kids, from day one, is a work ethic. So, the time we spend together is limited, but quality,” he wrote.

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