Gordon Ramsay admitted he won’t leave his £610 million fortune to his children

Gordon Ramsay may be worth some serious big bucks, but it turns out his kids won’t be landing the huge fortune when he goes.

Ramsay, 56, founded his restaurant empire in 1997, having gone on to receive a total of 17 Michelin stars in the years since.

He’s also become a well-known face on screen through competitive cooking shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef and The F Word – in fact, there’s rarely a time when he’s not on TV.

As such, over time he’s managed to accumulate a fair amount of cash, with estimates suggesting he has a net worth of £610 million, taking home a reported £90 million a year.

But Ramsay has never been ‘turned on by the money’, telling The Telegraph back in 2017 that he’s got no intentions of passing the money on to his five kids if it’s cash they didn’t earn.

The chef, who is dad to Megan, Holly, Jack, Tilly and Oscar, said: “It’s definitely not going to them, and that’s not in a mean way, it’s to not spoil them.

“The only thing I’ve agreed with Tana is that they get a 25 percent deposit on a flat, but not the whole flat.”

He also chooses not to let his children luxe it up in first class when travelling, too.

Ramsay continued: “I have got to keep it real with the kids, and also I think just getting kids at the age of five, six and seven, used to first class and those big seats, they do not need the space, they get entertainment on their iPads.

“So I like to think about what you can do with the money when you land, rather than paying out thousands of dollars for eight, nine ten-year-olds to sit in first class.

“I do not want them sat there with a 10 course f**king menu with champagne. I am not embarrassed. It is my wife and I’s choice to discipline them and to keep them real.”

During a Reddit discussion the same year, the millionaire also reinforced his point about his children having a ‘work ethic’.

When a user asked how he had such responsible kids for a father who was rarely in the house, Ramsay responded: “I’ve never been at home seven nights a week cooking for the kids. What I’ve instilled in the kids, from day one, is a work ethic. So, the time we spend together is limited, but quality.

“I need to protect them and respect the restaurant and team in my restaurant. I made them as normal as possible… they’ve all got jobs, they’ve all taken care of animals, they’ve all got housework. There’s a rota. They get pocket money, but they have to earn that pocket money.”

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