Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite Cocktail Comes With A Hilarious Name

Gordon Ramsay is anything but boring. From his cutthroat feedback on “Kitchen Nightmares” to his two-part docuseries “Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine” (yes, that’s a real show), the celebrity chef is known for making an impact. As it turns out, his entertaining persona carries all the way down to his favorite drinks — specifically, his cocktail of choice. In a 2016 episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Ramsay revealed the name of his most beloved boozy beverage: Wake Up, You Donkey.

The drink is made of “the most amazing tequila,” per the chef, along with cider, honey, and elderflower (smoked and regular). The pretty beverage with a green-ish hue is topped off with a big slice of lime as a garnish. At the time, you could find the drink at Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill in Atlantic City, but it was later removed from the menu. However, a 2018 menu for same establishment listed a similar drink called Giddy Up, You Donkey with El Jimador tequila, smoked elderflower honey, lime, and Strongbow cider, so it’s possible the beverage may not be gone for good.

The Cocktail Pays Homage To Ramsay’s Notorious Insults

The punchy beverage name didn’t come out of nowhere — and if you’re a fan of “Hell’s Kitchen,” you’ll know exactly what it means. Calling someone a donkey was a common insult of Ramsay’s on the famous show, whether he was shouting, “You’re going to blow fire in your face, you f***ing donkey!” when a chef made a mistake or just straight up yelling, “Donkey!” when they talked back. In one episode, he simply told a fellow chef with a frustrated sigh, “You’re cooking like a donkey.” If he believed someone was messing up in the kitchen, he also frequently would tell them to wake up, often multiple times. Combine the two exclamations and you get the name of Ramsay’s favorite cocktail.

This isn’t the only time the celebrity chef has had fun with the beverages he serves. At his Hell’s Kitchen restaurants (with locations in Atlantic City, Miami, Foxwoods, Washington, D.C., Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, and Southern California), you can order the Notes From Gordon, a refreshing drink with gin, green tea, lemongrass, peach, and lemon. But the best part? Each glass comes paired with a note from Ramsay, featuring one of his signature insults. If you’re lucky, you just might get to experience being called a donkey for yourself.

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