Harry and Meghan Thought They Would Never Be Evicted from Frogmore Cottage

Before being banished from Frogmore Cottage by King Charles III, the Sussexes always thought that this house would always belong to them.

Frogmore Cottage – one of the properties of the British Royal Family. Photo: UK Press

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were given the private residence Frogmore Cottage as a wedding gift by the late Queen Elizabeth II in 2018. However, after stepping down as working members of the royal family and moving to America, the couple husband was asked to hand over Frogmore Cottage.

According to royal writer Tom Quinn, Harry was shocked by his father’s decision. “Harry and Meghan thought Frogmore Cottage would always be their home base every time they returned to the UK, even when they were no longer royal members,” Tom Quinn told the Mirror . “This confirms the fact that King Charles III and his youngest son rarely contacted each other,” the writer added.

Harry and Meghan stayed at Frogmore Cottage during their return trip to England in June 2022. Photo: Netflix

Last week, newly released papers from Harry confirmed he had given up his permanent residency in the UK and declared the US as the 39-year-old prince’s new country of residence. This move was made on June 29, 2023 – just one day after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially removed all belongings from Frogmore Cottage, leaving them without a home in the UK.

According to Quinn, this is a sign that King Charles III’s decision deeply hurt Harry. “At that time, very few people understood how being expelled from Frogmore Cottage affected Harry – it was like a drop in the bucket. Harry was extremely angry and even cried because he was kicked out of Frogmore. He felt saw that his father had no right to do that and this was purely retaliation,” said the author of many books about royal members.

“Harry couldn’t understand that choosing not to work for the royal family would inevitably mean being kicked out of the royal estate. Harry just saw it as cruel treatment, a painful reminder of all what he once felt about what his late mother had to endure during the long divorce battle with his father, Harry felt unfair after all deserves everything he wants, whether it’s security or a luxury home in England. To many, Harry is just a pathetic rich boy who acts like a spoiled brat “But Harry always sees himself as a victim,” Quinn said.

King Charles III began the process of evicting his youngest son’s family from the lavish five-bedroom estate in January 2023, less than 24 hours after Harry’s shocking memoir Spare hit shelves. In the book, Harry repeatedly “slandered” his biological father, stepmother, brother, and sister-in-law and considered himself and his wife to be people who were treated unfairly and pitifully.

King Charles III chats with Harry and Meghan at Commonwealth Day 2019. Photo: PA

After being kicked out of Frogmore, Harry and Meghan are said to be trying to get back nearly three million dollars in renovation and renovation costs. Without an official residence in the UK, they currently have to stay with friends or rent hotels every time they visit the UK.

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