Jake Paul makes promise to ‘end’ Mike Tyson

Throughout history, few have dared to challenge the formidable force that is Mike Tyson. Yet, in an unexpected turn of events, social media sensation Jake Paul has stepped into the spotlight as one of Tyson’s upcoming opponents.

Set to face off in the ring on July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, Paul has boldly declared his intent to vanquish the former heavyweight champion once and for all.

Mike Tyson back in training for Jake Paul fight throwing furious punches

During an interview with DAZN Boxing at the MVP Prospects VI fight in Orlando, Florida, Paul shared his reflections on the significance of the impending showdown with Tyson. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to participate in what he considers one of the most monumental fights in history, Paul acknowledged the honor of facing off against a legend like Tyson.

“This is very surreal. This is one of the biggest fights in history, and I am just honored to be a part of it. And with a dance partner like Mike Tyson, I could have never dreamt of this,” Paul remarked to DAZN.

Paul will not pull any punches against the legendary Iron Mike

Despite his reverence for Tyson’s legacy, Paul made it clear that he is prepared to seize victory in their upcoming bout. Addressing Tyson affectionately as “Mikey, uncle Mike,” Paul conveyed his respect while also asserting his determination to emerge triumphant.

“I am humbled. I owe it all to my fans and supporters. And we just got here through hard work, taking risks, and knocking people out,” Paul declared.

“Mikey, uncle Mike, I love you, you are looking amazing, but there could only be one winner, and I am sorry, but I gotta end you, brother.”

While Paul has enjoyed success in the boxing world, including notable victories and a few setbacks, his decision to challenge Tyson has raised eyebrows among critics.

Concerns have been voiced regarding Tyson’s imposing physique, with the former champion weighing in at 220.4 pounds in his last bout against Roy Jones Jr. However, Paul appears undeterred by the size differential, boasting an increased weight and confidence in his abilities.

Shane Mosley, who trained Paul for a previous fight, revealed that Paul now tips the scales at 230 pounds, signaling a significant increase in size and strength. Despite the skepticism surrounding his decision to face Tyson, Paul remains steadfast in his belief that he possesses the skills and determination necessary to emerge victorious in what promises to be an epic showdown.

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