Kim Kardashian RUNS After Being Named As Diddy’s Madame

Uhhh… not Kim Kardashian getting exposed for being Diddy’s p!mp and paying off his freak0ff partners! Chile, every time we start thinking that 2024 couldn’t possibly get any worse, the universe says SIKE, and something crazier happens to make us question what we know about our favorite celebs.

For a hot minute now, fans have been suspecting that Kim knows more about Diddy’s activities than she was letting on, and it looks like we finally have some proof of that, because new information shows that not only did Kim know about Diddy’s nasty activities, but she also allegedly helped him hide the evidence and pay his vict!ms in exchange for some money.

Girl, y’all need to get on this drama and hold on to your edges, because this situation is INSANE! Uhhh… did Kim really plot with Diddy to get Kanye West committed to a mental facility so they could steal his money

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