Meghan Shunned by Former First Lady of Canada

Mrs. Sophie Trudeau, ex-wife of the Canadian Prime Minister, said she ‘knows’ Meghan but affirmed that she ‘rarely meets or talks’, after the Duchess of Sussex recognized Sophie as her ‘beloved friend’.

Ms. Sophie Trudeau, former first lady, Prime Minister of Canada. Photo: Rex

In a November 2022 episode of the Archetypes podcast, Meghan said Sophie often sent her meditations during her pregnancy and also sent her voice messages to encourage her. “Over the years, I have often turned to her for advice,” the Duchess of Sussex said.

The former American actress also recalled a fun day at their Montecito villa, where their children played in the swimming pool on pizza-shaped inflatables. At that time, Meghan and Sophie were drinking on the terrace and chatting happily like schoolgirls.

But when asked about her relationship with the Duchess of Sussex in an interview with The Times on April 27, the former Canadian first lady only said briefly: “I know her… but we I don’t spend much time together.”

Sophie then changed the topic of conversation to Meghan’s sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. She revealed that her “heart was heavy” when she heard the news that the princess was diagnosed with cancer last month.

Sophie took a photo with Meghan in 2016. Photo: Instagram

It is unclear why Sophie downplayed her friendship with Meghan. According to American media, this may be related to Meghan’s argument with her former best friend, Jessica Mulroney – who used to work as Sophie’s stylist. Although Jessica is said to have been influential in the Sussexes’ decision to leave the royal family, Meghan still broke up with her close friend after the stylist made a racist statement in 2020. Jessica also did not appear in the series. Harry – Meghan’s Netflix movie even though other friends were interviewed.

According to the book Finding Freedom , Meghan became close to Sophie in 2016 when she met Mr. Justin Trudeau at the One Yong World conference in Ottawa. That same year, Meghan and Sophie posed cheek-to-cheek at the Canadian Fashion and Arts Awards (CAFA) at Soho House. In November 2022, Meghan invited Sophie to join the Archetypes podcast on Spotify to talk about the challenges of raising children and being partners with two famous men.

However, when launching her new lifestyle brand recently, Meghan reportedly did not send a jar of strawberry jam  her first product – to Sophie. Instead, Meghan donated mainly to California celebrities and wealthy businesswomen.

As for Sophie, she just went through a broken marriage with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The two announced their separation last August after 18 years together and having three children together.

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