Meghan’s father blames his daughter for “selling out” the British Royal Family.

One day after Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Harry and his wife would give up their royal titles and become financially independent yesterday , January 18, Mr. Thomas Markle shared his thoughts with the media.

Sharing in a Channel 5 documentary, Mr. Markle said he thought his daughter Meghan had given up on the life that every girl dreams of. “I’m very disappointed because she had what every girl dreams of. Every girl wants to be a princess, Meghan had that but now she’s giving up,” Mr. Markle said.

Mr. Markle also expressed his admiration for the British Royal Family, saying that this is one of the oldest royal families. “They (Harry and Meghan) are sabotaging it, they’re selling it off… They shouldn’t be doing that.”

Prince Harry, 35 years old, is the 6th person in the line of succession to the British royal throne. He married African-American actress Meghan Markle, 38, in May 2018. Since entering the British royal family, Meghan has become the focus of British media attention. In an interview last October, Harry said that he felt that Meghan was “bullied” by some newspapers and that their lives were not comfortable under the media’s attention. That was also true. may be part of the reason behind the couple’s decision to become civilians.

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