Mike Tyson gets aggressive with his trainer before fight vs Jake Paul but fans notice something odd

Boxing enthusiasts have raised eyebrows over the authenticity of Mike Tyson’s recent training footage as he prepares for his upcoming bout against Jake Paul. The fight, which has stirred considerable debate, was officially sanctioned last week as a professional contest.

Scheduled for this summer, the legendary Tyson, who will be 58 at the time of the fight, is set to face the much younger Paul in a match consisting of eight two-minute rounds, wearing 14oz gloves-a shift from the typical 10oz gloves.

Mike Tyson goes crazy in new video ahead of Jake Paul fight

“It’s war; all is fair in love and war,” Paul said.

“I love the guy, but as soon as it turned into a pro fight, one of us has to die.

“He’s taking this very, very seriously and that’s what’s going to make the fight amazing for all the fans.

“He’s a killer. I’m moving up to the heavyweight division so he’s going to have some advantages but that’s what’s going to make this fight exciting.

“We both have one-punch knockout power. This is what he was destined to do and what he was born for.

“And he was the one who wanted it to be a pro fight. We were figuring out the rules and Mike said, ‘I want it to be a pro fight. I want to end this kid and stop everything he’s doing.’

“So I agreed to make it a pro fight and it’s as real as it gets.”

Fans notice detail in video

While Tyson has showcased a series of training videos that demonstrate his still formidable speed and power, some perceptive viewers have noted a potential issue: these clips are notably brief, spanning only a few seconds.

This observation has sparked discussions among fans and pundits alike, who are concerned about Tyson’s ability to sustain his performance over the longer duration required on fight night, given the significant age difference between him and Paul.

“There’s a reason this is just six seconds long,” a fan commented.

Another added: “Edits go hard lololol.”

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