Mike Tyson reveals the strange new strategy he’s using to defeat Jake Paul

The upcoming bout between former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and former YouTube star Jake Paul has some boxing fans positively salivating — while others have expressed concern that Tyson, at 57 years old, should not be fighting someone 30 years younger. But there is little doubting that the fight — a fully-professional encounter — will be a spectacle onve the bell rings at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Tex.

Both combatants’ preparations are well underway for the July 20 bout. Paul has put on some muscle ahead of the bout, while Tyson has claimed to have adopted a controversial new dietary regimen that not everyone supports.

Tyson’s revelation: He’s eating raw meat!

During a recent appearance on “The Damon Elliott Show,” Tyson revealed that he has been sticking to a raw meat-based diet in preparation for his showdown with Paul — whom Tyson also labeled as “raw meat.”

Proponents of raw/uncooked meat consumption claim it offers a variety of benefits, including improved digestion and more energy for their bodies to burn. However, the scientific consensus remains that eating uncooked meat can lead to infection in humans. Raw meat can contain harmful bacteria and other pathogens that often cause serious illness.

The ease with which Tyson fired off the joke about Paul being “raw meat” casts a little doubt on just how seriously “Iron Mike” is taking this diet. But the revelation — combined with already-existing medical concerns — will follow Tyson as he continues to prepare for his first professional fight since 2005.

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