Mike Tyson sends terrifying six-word message to Jake Paul after posting fresh training footage

Mike Tyson has sent another stark warning to Jake Paul after posting fresh footage from his training camp ahead of their fight.

Tyson, 57, will return to the ring to face Paul, 27, on July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas in what will be the main event of a card that will air on Netflix.

While it was initially expected to be an exhibition, an announcement earlier this month confirmed the heavyweight fight would be judged under professional rules.

The decision by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations to sanction the fight is a controversial one, given the age difference between the two fighters.

Tyson insists he will be in top physical condition for the fight, branding critics of the bout “jealous” of him and Paul.

He has posted numerous clips of his training camp ahead of the fight in an effort to convince his doubters he is able to take on the ‘Problem Child’ over eight, two-minute rounds.

Mike Tyson shows off terrifying running speed ahead of Jake Paul fight

Credit: X/@MikeTyson

Mike Tyson starts training camp for Jake Paul fight


Tyson took to X on Wednesday to post fresh footage of him hitting the pads with ferocious power, alongside the caption: “Ready or not here I come.”

Fans of Tyson were quick to comment on the video, showing their support for the former undisputed heavyweight champion.

“He ain’t ready, Big Mike,” wrote one fan.

Another added: “57 years old and the power in that punch looks unreal!”

However, other boxing fans were more sceptical of the footage.

“There’s a reason this is just 6 seconds long,” posted one fan.

Another added: “Better get him in 3 rounds or less.”

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping recently criticised Paul for accepting the fight against the much older man.

“If Jake Paul loses, listen, it’s Mike Tyson, but still, come on,” Bisping said on his Believe You Me podcast.

“He’s 58-years-old but stop it [if you lose] never show your face again. Then if Jake Paul knocks out a 58-year-old man that’s called elderly abuse. You can’t win here. Other than a lot of money.

“It’s only two minutes but if you’ve never boxed or fought you underestimate how long two minutes is.

“Mike Tyson, yeah he’s 58 and the rounds are only two minutes long, I think he’s still going to get tired after three rounds.

“That said Jake Paul leaves tremendously massive openings and he’s never fought anyone like Mike Tyson. He went the distance with Nate Diaz, he beat Nate Diaz and I’m not s***ing on him because he’s great, a cult icon.”

Tyson and Paul are set to break a long-standing boxing record when they finally meet in the ring.

That 31-year age gap will be the biggest in the history of professional boxing, surpassing the 24-year age gap between Archie Moore, 49, and Mike DiBiase, 25, when they fought in 1963.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/MikeTyson

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