Tasha K GOES OFF Jaguar Wright For Exposing Her Abandoned Son

Chile, it looks like no one is safe from Jaguar Wright’s exposing spree because she and Tasha K just got into it after she put Tasha on blast for abandoning her son in Africa and running back to the US.

Jaguar and Tasha have been feuding for a few years now but no one actually thought their beef would go on for this long, especially since Jaguar usually speaks on celebrities and not D-list bloggers like Tasha.

At one point during their feud, Jaguar even went as far as accusing Tasha of sending a hit on her. Jaguar also accused Tasha of receiving payment from some Hollywood elites to paint her as a mentally unstable person so people wouldn’t take anything she says seriously.

And in case you didn’t know, this was actually what started their feud in the first place. Back in 2020, Tasha invited Jaguar to her show for an interview, but after the interview ended, a lot of people including Jaguar herself felt like Tasha had an agenda to make Jaguar look crazy.

For details, watch the video below:

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