The famous MC refused to apologize to Princess Kate

TPO – Famous American host Stephen Colbert sparked a wave of anger because he spoke up about a joke related to Princess Kate’s absence, but did not apologize.

After days of facing public criticism, Stephen Colbert finally addressed making fun of Prince William and Princess Kate. However, instead of appeasing public opinion, the famous comedian made the situation more serious.

On CBS’s The Late Show (USA) on the evening of March 25 (local time), Stephen Colbert shared: “There is a standard that I try to follow. That is not taking other people’s tragedies lightly. Now, I don’t know if her prognosis is serious or not. She is the future queen of England, I believe she will receive the best medical care. But whatever it is, I know and certainly many of us understand that any cancer diagnosis is devastating for the patient and their family. Although I’m sure they don’t need it from me, The Late Show crew and I want to extend our best wishes and our sincere hope that she has a speedy and thorough recovery.”

Stephen Colbert clarifies about the joke involving Princess Kate on television. Photo: CBS.

He explained that the reason for using Kate and William as a storytelling topic comes from his work as a host. According to the American star, he and the team that organizes many shows also tell many jokes with different contents, mainly about what people are talking about. Therefore, at a time when public opinion was discussing the mysterious disappearance of Princess Kate, he followed suit as usual.

Colbert admitted that his joke made many people uncomfortable, not only about Kate but many other monologues in the past. However, according to the male MC, that will definitely happen again in the future if he continues to work.

Stephen Colbert’s share caused a backlash on social networks. Most criticized the 60-year-old MC for not apologizing to the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Queen Elizabeth II’s former press secretary, Dickie Arbiter, was one of the first to comment on the issue.

“He may be very sorry about himself but he did not apologize. American talk show hosts are capable of making cruel jokes at the expense of others, and Colbert is no exception. Buckingham Palace said she had surgery and would be absent for several weeks. The Princess of Wales has not disappeared but is recovering. This information seems not enough for the host and network users. Shame on all of you. There is a clear message: use your brain before using your mouth,” the royal commentator wrote on X.

Many other netizens agree with Mr. Arbiter. They expressed their discontent and anger in comments on social networks: “No real apology from Stephen Colbert to Kate Middleton”, “Is Stephen Colbert an idiot? This is misleading rambling, not an apology of any kind,” “Is this an apology? He seems to have never apologized to anyone. He admitted that the joke made everyone uncomfortable, but I did not hear any apology or even any remorse”, “He was not sincere at all”…

Besides, a part of fans defended Colbert. They assumed that he did so because of the nature of his work, without any malicious intent.

“Stephen Colbert handled this very well. I’m glad he didn’t apologize for his jokes. He doesn’t have to. Joking about public figures and what’s going on in the news is part of being a late night host,” one person opined.

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Previously, on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on March 12, Colbert said: “The kingdom is shocked by the disappearance of Kate Middleton. Currently, online detectives speculate that Kate’s absence may be related to her husband and future British King William’s affair. Oh no, my heart goes out to poor Kate.”

Not only that, he also pointed out that the woman who was accused by netizens of inserting herself into the Welsh family is Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley – who was suspected of having an affair with William in 2019 but was denied by his lawyer. cancel.

A few days later, Hanbury’s lawyer confirmed that the rumors were false and said he had sent Colbert a legal notice.

Colbert was also fiercely criticized by the public, demanding an apology to the Welsh couple after Kensington Palace released a video about Kate’s cancer diagnosis on March 22.

Sharing the same fate as Colbert is Andy Cohen, host of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen . Cohen previously said that the woman who accompanied William to the agricultural store in the photo The Sun posted on the front page was not Kate. The American MC also spread rumors of William having an affair with the argument that he was the son of King Charles.

Kim Kardashian was also asked to apologize and delete her Instagram post about Kate. In it, the female billionaire joked “on her way to find Kate”. In addition, John Oliver, Colbert’s friend, received “criticism” for suggesting that the Princess of Wales may have died.

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