Who is Lakiha Spicer, Mike Tysoп’s third wife aпd how maпy years have they beeп married?

There are many questions about the life that is the enigma of Iron Mike Tyson, but what about his marital status? Now married for the third time, the 57-year-old enjoys a relationship with Lakiha Spicer but just exactly who is she?

The two initially met when the woman was just 18 years old back in 1998, meaning they actually took their time to be wedded as they only got married in 2009 and so far, it’s proving to be the most successful relationship the ex-WBC heavyweight champion’s had as they will celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary this year.

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Their marriage has not been smooth sailing as Don King, Tyson’s promoter, warned her to avoid him but then in 2008 she was sentenced to prison on charges of fraud, whilst pregnant with his child.

At the time, Tyson was struggling with substance addiction meaning they both had serious problems to contend with, but after a six-month jail term, the pair managed to pull through and they’ve managed to make it work with Spicer telling the New York Post, “It was like moth to a flame.”

They have two children together, with the eldest being their daughter named Milan, aged 17, whilst they also have a 14-year-old named Morocco, who was born in 2011 as the turbulent Tyson finally found a place where he could start to settle down for the long term.

What was Spicer’s fraud charge?

As mentioned above, Spicer was sent to jail for six months after being found guilty and convicted of charges of fraud along with five others, including her own mother Faridah Ali in what prosecutors called a money-laundering scheme.

The Department of Education accused Spicer of two counts of conspiracy, four counts of mail fraud, one count of theft concerning programs receiving federal funds, and one count of false statements, for which she was thought to be facing over a century behind bars.

The crime related to her role as an assistant director of education at the Sister Clara Muhammad School, where she was claimed to have taken $71000 of government money to run classes that didn’t actually exist.

In the end, she had to serve six months in jail and pay $30000 in fines and she never appealed the charges against her name.

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